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We offer complete light assemblies for all your edge lighting needs
Our Lumenedge products offer a simple way to create lighted signs and awards 
  • Just clip it onto anything that you want to create an edge-lighting effect
  • Light up small acrylic or glass awards or light up entire display shelves
  • Compact, inexpensive and the ultra high power LED lights are the brightest in the industry
  • We also have a huge selection of RGB and single color LED accessories which can also be used to sequence a number of Lumenedge strips for a variety of effects
  • We make most items to order, so if you would like any custom options please feel free to ask
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Powered Lumenedge Strips
  • Complete edge lit assembly for plug and play operation

  • Comes with 6 ft of cord on LED light strip and 6 ft of cord on power supply

  • 10 colors to choose from

  • Fits panels from 1/8" to 3/4" thick

Powered RGB LED Lumenedge Light Strips
  • RGB lights provide the ultimate in edge lit sign versatility

  • Comes complete with 3 ft of cord ending in 4 pin connector

  • Infrared controller with handheld remote

  • Includes power supply with 6 ft of cord for complete plug and play operation

  • Can clip onto panels from 3/16" thick to 3/4" thick

  • This controller also allows you to dial in any red, green, blue light combination

Edge Lit LED Bases
  • These LED bases can be used on panel thickness from 1/8" thick to 3/4" thick

  • They can be purchased with any of our 10 single color LED lights or as an RGB base with a radio frequency handheld remote control.

  • They range in widths from 3" to 24" and can hold glass panels as tall as 10" and acrylic panels up to 12" tall

  • Each comes with it's own power supply and on/off switch for easy operation

Unpowered Lumenedge Strips    
  • These LED light strips come without a power supply

  • Each strip comes with 6 ft of cord that ends in a 5.5mm x 2.1mm female barrel connector.

  • You can choose from several different power supply options from battery operation to a cigarette lighter adapter.

  • Can be linked together with our splitters to light signs from the top and bottom or to display several signs using a single power source.

Unpowered RGB (Multi-color) Light Strips
  • These RGB clip on light strips come with 3 ft of cord that ends in a 4 pin connector.

  • Great to use if you would like to customize your light assembly

  • Use with  RGB controllers or add a splitter to light both the top and the bottom of your sign.

  • Can be used on panels 3/16" thick all the way to 3/4" thick.

  • Choose from any length from 2" to 48" long. 

  • Please contact us if you need any custom length or any length greater then 48"

Sample Kits
  • Our LED sample kits are a great introduction to the different edge lighting options and the different LED colors we have to offer.

  • Comes with LED lights that are red, white, green, cool white, blue, warm white, pink, orange, purple and yellow.

  • Each kit includes edging that fits your particular panel thickness. You choose your length and thickness of panel you would like the clip on lights to attach to.

Cables And Splitters
  • Cables and splitters allow you to use one power source to power multiple LED strips.

  • Work for single color Lumenedge strips as well as the multi-color RGB LED strips.

  • Splitters and extensions use the 5.5mm by 2.1mm connector or the standard 4 pin RGB connector.

Power Supplies
  • Power supplies can be used to power a single strip or can be grouped together with splitters to power multiple strips.

  • UL Listed 

  • Come with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm male barrel connector for easy plug and play operation of our Lumenedge strips and LED bases.

RGB LED Controllers
  • RGB controllers allow you to adjust the colors on our RGB light strips

  • Achieve a variety of lighting effects. Some controllers allow you to adjust each red, green, or blue color separately  to "dial" in a particular shade of color.

  • Our music controller reacts to the sound of the music.

10 Different
LED Light Colors
To Choose From!
Blue LED LightsBlue

Red LED LightsRed

Green LED LightsGreen

Yellow LED LightsYellow

White LED LightsWhite

Orange LED LightsOrange

Cool White LED LightsCool White

Pink LED LightsPink

Warm White LED LightsWarm White

Purple LED LightsPurple