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RGB 1-2 Power Splitter

Price: $5.95
Item Number: 307
  • 1-2 RGB splitter
  • Each cable ends in 4 pin RGB connection
  • Approximately 10 inches long
  • You can connect multiple RGB Lumenedge assemblies together to power three to four strips at once
  • Can be "stacked" together if you need to light 3 or more RGB light assemblies
  • 8 pin connectors can be purchased separately

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10 Different
LED Light Colors
To Choose From!
Blue LED LightsBlue

Red LED LightsRed

Green LED LightsGreen

Yellow LED LightsYellow

White LED LightsWhite

Orange LED LightsOrange

Cool White LED LightsCool White

Pink LED LightsPink

Warm White LED LightsWarm White

Purple LED LightsPurple