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  • Dimmers are used to control brightness of any of our single color LED Lumenedge strips
  • Are plugged in between the power supply and the barrel connector that goes to the Lumendge strip
  • Can be used with cable splitters and extensions for multiple Lumenedge strip applications
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12 Volt Inline LED Rotary Dimmer / Switch
Price: $7.75
12 Volt Inline LED Rotary Dimmer / Switch
Inline 12 Volt Rotary Dimmer

10 Different
LED Light Colors
To Choose From!
Blue LED LightsBlue

Red LED LightsRed

Green LED LightsGreen

Yellow LED LightsYellow

White LED LightsWhite

Orange LED LightsOrange

Cool White LED LightsCool White

Pink LED LightsPink

Warm White LED LightsWarm White

Purple LED LightsPurple