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Edge Lit Sign Information

Edge Lit Sign Technology

Edge lit signs are made by projecting light into a clear panel that is etched causing the light to reflect on the etching and to project forward. This etching is usually on the reverse side of the panel and is usually made by a router, sandblasting or by laser engraving. The panel is usually made of glass or clear acrylic. Common material thicknesses are 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".  

We use high quality LED lights to project light into the panel. It is possible to make a very visible high impact sign or award with just a small amount of light being projected into the sign. Edge lit signs are very eye catching and it is not uncommon to see customers stare at the signs in amazement.

Powered Lumenedge Strips versus UnPowered Lumenedge Strips

Powered Lumenedge Strips come with a power supply that you plug right into a standard wall outlet. On the Lumenedge LED light strip assembly  there is 6 ft of cord ending in a female barrel connector. On the power supply there is also 6 ft of power cord that ends in a male barrel connector. This gives each Powered Lumenedge Strip a total of 12 ft of cord from the LED light strip to the power adapter that you plug into your wall outlet.

Unpowered  Lumenedge Strips come with the Lumenedge LED light strip assembly with  6 ft of cord ending in a female barrel connector. This gives you the option of purchasing the power supply separately.  This is a good option if you are planning on purchasing the battery packs or if you plan on connecting your Lumenedge Strip to an existing power supply. 

Unpowered Lumenedge strips also allow you the choice of a 9 volt connector being attached to the strip. When you order the  9 volt connector in our single color Lumenedge light strip then we use LED lights that are specially designed to run off of 9 volts so that  you receive the same brightness as the 12 volt LED lights. 

Single Color versus RGB (Multi-color) Lumenedge Light Strips

Single color Lumenedge LED light strips are the most common Lumendge strip due to the relatively simple operation and are the most cost effective way to light up your project. We currently stock 10 different colors of LED lights to maximize your single color light choices. RGB LED stands for red, green, and blue. All three of these LED lights are built into a single LED chip. By adjusting the intensity of each of the colors you can create many different shades of colors by the simple touch of  a button.

In order to adjust an RGB light strip it needs to be controlled by an RGB controller that mixes the colors for you. The controller can be as simple as the small in line RGB thumb controller or as advanced as the radio frequency controller with handheld remote. RGB LED lights typically also require a little more energy to run then the single color lights due to the larger size LED and the fact that some colors require two or more of the colors in the LED unit to be emitting light at the same time. White is achieved through an RGB unit by having the red, green and blue lights lit at the same time. This is when the Lumenedge LED light assembly is drawing the most power.

To Switch Or Not To Switch

On our Lumenedge assembly you can choose an optional switch to be installed approximately 12" from the Lumenedge assembly. This is a small on and off switch that allows you to turn the LED lights on and off without having to unplug your power adapter or having to pull apart the barrel connector from the wall each time.  

Some applications are never turned off so a switch would not be beneficial. If you plan on using a battery pack with a switch with your Lumenedge LED light assembly then we don't recommend purchasing the Lumenedge assembly with a switch. It may cause confusion if one switch is in the off position and the other switch is attempted to be used.

Wire Exit Position

Most applications require the wires to exit out the back (standard) of the Lumenedge LED light assembly but sometimes you may want the wires to exit out the end of the assembly. When the wire exits the back it exits perpendicular to the assembly about 1 1/4" from the edge  (as seen in most of the product photographs). 

Out the end means the wire exits as if it was a continuation of the Lumenedge light strip. Out the end allows the sign to be placed flat against the wall without having to worry about the cord hitting the wall behind the sign. The disadvantage of having the wires out he end is that they are more visible when you view the sign from the front.

Wholesale Account

We offer a  20% wholesale discount to customers who purchase over $200.00. This discount can be applied on the first order if your order is over the $200.00 minimum or it can be achieved through accumulated purchases.  After you reach the $200.00 amount there is no minimum order amount in order for your discount to apply.  To receive the wholesale discount please register with our website by creating a username and password.  If you are initially planning on purchasing over $200.00 then you can contact us via email or phone call and we will go ahead an update your profile to show the 20% discount so it will apply on your first order. We also offer additional discounts when you order quantities of a certain size or color product.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

10 Different
LED Light Colors
To Choose From!
Blue LED LightsBlue

Red LED LightsRed

Green LED LightsGreen

Yellow LED LightsYellow

White LED LightsWhite

Orange LED LightsOrange

Cool White LED LightsCool White

Pink LED LightsPink

Warm White LED LightsWarm White

Purple LED LightsPurple